Design Workshop

Design Workshop is the flagship initiative in fashion design by Kolkata Commons, a society for the Commons that has commenced its work from Kolkata. Our mission is to create art in design by the artisans around India with development of folk arts.

Design for Development

We believe that the freedom of folk art should also earn independent economic growth. For empowerment of the folk artists we are committed to nurture the talent pool in the living on the edge artisan communities all around India and deploy their creations in fashion designing. The advisory board of Design Workshop mentors the artists for innovative textile production and handicrafts. Our model is to build excellence in revolutionary fashion designs from the yarns of the weavers to the embroidery specialists and put limelight on folk arts in the global market. Our strategy is to train and develop the artists, enabling them to leverage their learnings in their independent endeavors in parallel with their engagements with Design Workshop. We design – from fabrics to livelihoods.

Design in Art-wear

In each stroke of lead our designers keep Art at singular importance. Our strategy is to challenge prejudices, stretch the perceptions and burst the clichés – because our mantra lacks the concept of ordinary. We create to set trends and we deliver quality.

Design for Revival

We create modern classic fashion that establishes a deep connection to our roots. We cultivate the ethnicity in our culture and create fusion with world wide wardrobes. Different parts of our country are explored for its signature fabrics and ethnicity. From the relics of Indus valley to the paintings of Ajanta caves, our vibrant traditions are revisited on the canvas of fabric for the requirement of postmodern society. Our creations depict our rich heritage in the global arena spreading the magic of our culture through the world – for we are proud to be what we are.

Design that’s Bespoke

Our design remains incomplete until our customers get elated on their own reflection donning our art-wears. We keep provisions to stitch the costumes as per individual requirement. In our studio, the customer has the choice to take up the palate and pencil and direct us with their opinion. Our designers are open for consultation to note your own preferences.

Design with Environment

Sustainability is built-in mantra of our creations. Folk Art is all about Mother Nature, and hence, our creations are always in friendship with environment. We prefer natural dyes for fabrics, leave and flower extracts for coloring art crafts.