Linen Cubes



A fibre from flax plants, world’s strongest natural fiber! So cherish this gorgeous creation of Bengal handlooms in your wardrobe for a long long time.

This sari cares for you – a natural anti-bacterial! Linen has a natural ability to prevent bacterial growth. WOW!

Conventional Jamdani motifs deconstructed to weave gold and silver cubes from 100% pure zari!

It’s stylish, it’s comfortable. How? It gains upto 20% of moisture before actually feeling moist! Wear it anywhere,drape it the way you love! You’ll be gorgeous!

Touch it, it’s lustrous. Becomes more and more supple as handled more or more. So aging means elegance when it comes to this sari.

Thesubtleness of off white is all about varying ratios of charcoal pigments, yes! It’s natural, just like you are! ,



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