Tussar with Jamdani Pallu



Tussar is a synonym of tradition and heritage when it comes to handloom. And this sari carries it all in the most perfect way!

And then there is a twist – bold tussar ends with a fairy light muslin pallu, gorgeous with jamdani motif weaving!

Sutaeera Tussars go through several rounds of polishing, to remove all excess fibres to create a texture like sunbathed waterfall disposing off nearly 3/4th of what we started with!

Wear this sari anywhere, for any purpose, it’s so very easy to drape and comfortable because of the natural heat insulation property of silk.

It’s comfortable and so easy to manage – high moisture absorption capacity! Rounds of polishes give the sari an important anti-crease property.

That’s a silvery white color, isn’t it? That’s just the raw tussar with no color pigments applied on it!



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